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Striving for skin perfection?

30th June 2016

Photoshop or Flawless

With the magazines filled with completely flawless photos of models and celebrities it’s no wonder so many of us are striving for that perfectly clear and radiant look for our own skin. We’ve compiled 5 before and after Photoshop images which show the true beauty Photoshop retouching can hide, and give an idea of the results a CACI facial can achieve without surgery.

Before considering surgical procedures to achieve Photoshop flawless skin we urge you to try CACI. A favourite with celebrities like Jenifer Lopez, Lisa Snowdon and Cliff Richard this non-surgical facelift uses micro-currents to stimulate the muscles under your skin to help tone and lift. As we age the muscles under our skin become loose. Retraining them with CACI can influence their position to provide you with a more flawless appearance naturally (and without a Photoshop pro in sight).

Non surgical face lift

It’s easy to spot which is the Photoshop version on this comparison, but notice the natural freckling to this models skin in the right hand image, we think they’re beautiful. There are some imperfections and lines in the before image, but these can be erased with CACI. If the freckles are a problem take a look at Dermapen, another non-surgical treatment designed to work on the pigmentation of the skin.

Anti Ageing skincare

Lindsay Lohan has had a turbulent lifestyle for many years and the weathering of that can be seen on her forehead, around her neck and under her eyes most predominantly in the before image. That being said her face shape and cheekbones are still to die for! With some CACI treatments the transformation from before and after Photoshop retouching may not be quite so dramatic.

anti-ageing skincare

Pop icon Katy Perry, who is allegedly moving to Brighton soon (We’re very excited about this) has some fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth which have been airbrushed away using Photoshop. Her eyebrows are on point in both versions, and her lips are totally gorgeous in both images too. The CACI treatment could transform her skin leaving the Photoshop re-touchers twiddling their thumbs!

Non surgical facelift

The Twiggy transformation from real life to Olay ad is remarkable, but she must be commended for her bright smile and beautiful eyes in the before picture. CACI can significantly reduce the appearance of deep lines, like those around her mouth. It will also eliminate the finer lines, which can be seen under the eyes in this before image.

anti wrinkle Skin for men

Not just for the ladies. George Clooney has had the wrinkles around his eyes erased in this Photoshopped image. Such a handsome man (swoon), the CACI treatment can work on the deep lines seen on his forehead and the wrinkles around the eye area giving him that Photoshop look without the re-touching.

For a free CACI flawless skin consultation call Pure Beauty Clinic in Brighton on 01273 719009 or discover more about how CACI works.

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