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Waxing Treatments in Brighton, East Sussex

Body Waxing Treatments in Brighton and Hove

Everybody loves a good head of hair, especially when we dress up for that special gala or date we’ve been looking forward to.

However, sometimes, we’d rather have less hair in certain places. Are your brows a little overgrown? Or maybe it’s time for a bikini wax? What about underarm hair?

Having a smooth skin finish is not only attractive, but a convenient solution for many people. At Pure Beauty Clinic, we offer a variety of body waxing services that produce a great look for any occasion.

Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or simply for hygiene, we have trained professionals and the right equipment to give you a perfect wax, wherever you want it. A confident beachside body wax? We’ve got you covered.

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Professional waxing services at Pure Beauty Clinic, Brighton and Hove

When it comes to skin care and beauty treatment, our services are highly rated in Brighton and Hove. We pride ourselves on the quality of professionals and the technology we use.

Are you nervous? There’s no need to be. Our customers are guaranteed safe and convenient waxing treatment. Pure Beauty Clinic ensures the environment and conditions are completely hygienic. Our therapists have extensive experience in waxing, so rest assured you will be in the care of professionals.

What types of waxing services do we provide?

At Pure Beauty Clinic, you’ll get fast and focused hair removal services from friendly staff. We perform intimate waxing and laser hair removals for both men and women.

Based in the heart of Brighton and Hove, our salon is easy to locate, and every room offers a comfortable, relaxing ambiance. Our most popular waxing services include:

  1. Hollywood waxing:Our Hollywood wax rids of all unwanted hair from your pubic area; from the front round to the bottom. We use a luxury hot wax that ensures the area is perfectly smooth and hair-free.
  2. Brazilian waxing:The Brazilian wax service is quite like the Hollywood wax; we remove hair from the pubic and bikini area, leaving a delicate strip in the centre. Our therapists also remove hair at the back. The Brazilian wax is one of our more common procedures.
  3. Bikini waxing:Our standard Bikini wax treats hair removal around the bikini line, shaping the pubic hair into a beautiful upside-down triangle. This is for those who want a good waxing but with some hair left.
  4. Extended Bikini waxing:Our extended bikini waxing goes deeper along the sides of the bikini line, leaving the upside-down triangle trimmer and more defined than the standard bikini wax. This is ideal if you will be wearing narrower bikinis.
  5. Leg waxing:For those who are fed up with shaving their legs, our high quality hot leg wax offers a more convenient and effective solution. We have two types; the half leg (either the lower or upper half), and the full leg wax. The result leaves you with silky, smooth hair-free legs.
  6. Eyebrow waxing:Tired of plucking your brows? Opt for our painless wax procedure. Eyebrows give the face a fine definition and symmetry. Our experienced therapists will produce your best look yet.
  7. Male waxingWe have a team of professional female therapists trained to provide full-body male waxing services. From back and chest waxing to male Hollywood waxing procedures, select your preferred treatment.

Additional waxing services

We also provide waxing services on smaller areas such as the chin, ear lobes, forehead, face, nostrils, hands, arms (including the underarms), abdomen, feet and toes, as well as the buttocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wax does Pure Beauty Clinic Use?

We use the Harley wax series; hot wax, strip wax and film wax. This revolutionary product is fantastic for all areas, including intimate parts. The high-quality Harley hot wax is used for the smaller and sensitive areas. It contains the finest ingredients and essential oils with a low-melt temperature that guarantees total satisfaction and comfort.

The Harley strip wax is perfect for areas such as the arms and legs. The warmed-up strip wax is spread thinly and evenly over the skin surface and covered with a cloth strip. Then, we gently but firmly lift the strip in the direction of your hair, giving you that smooth, hair-free look.

How long does it take to complete a wax session?

This depends on the type of procedure. Our Brazilian luxury hot wax takes between 20 – 30 minutes, while a standard Bikini wax may last 15 minutes. Eyebrow and cheek wax may take only 10 minutes. Unless you are performing a full-body wax procedure, most sessions last under an hour.

Is the procedure painful?

Our therapists are very experienced, and use techniques that ensure you don’t feel any pain. If at all, it will be fleeting, but rest assured, it’s nothing to worry about. The Harley wax contains essential ingredients that have a soothing effect on the skin.

What makes Pure Beauty Clinic different?

Since our inception, our company has focused on the principle of not only providing excellent beauty care treatment, but ensuring customers receive friendly service. For this reason, we’ve built a reputation in Brighton and Hove that guarantees referrals and repeat services.

Our prices are very affordable, with each service tailored to suit your requirements. We doubt you will find any salon like ours in the UK.

More reasons to choose Pure Beauty Clinic

Our salon is accredited by leading authorities in the UK.
We pride ourselves in our revolutionary technology, including products designed to provide the best results. Our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a leading choice amongst customers, because of its effective removal of unwanted hair.

The Harley film wax is a technologically advanced hybrid of strip wax and hot wax. It removes hair as short as 1mm, making it ideal for facial waxing and on intimate areas. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue either.

All customers are treated like royalty from the second they enter our salon, where you’ll get the best waxing treatment available at Pure Beauty Clinic.

Are you due for waxing?

Contact us today 01273 719009

Information About Brighton

  • Pure Beauty Clinic offers Waxing Treatments in Brighton, which is located in South East England, and a large town in the county of East Sussex.
  • Brighton is part of the City of Brighton and Hove forms part of the greater Brighton and Hove built-up area, a Unitary Authority in Sussex.
  • A range of East Sussex businesses including Pure Beauty Clinic make their home in Brighton.
  • Brighton used to be called Brighthelmstone.
  • Local nicknames include Brighthelmstone & Blightey.
  • Brighton is formed by a number of villages and settlements including Coldean,Bevendean, Aldrington, Old Steine, Black Rock, Hangleton and Bevendean.
  • Pure Beauty Clinic’s Waxing Treatments area in the City of Brighton and Hove also includes Mile Oak, Moulsecoomb, Hollingbury, Hollingdean and Hove.
  • Other service areas of Pure Beauty Clinic in Brighton, Sussex are comprised of Patcham, Ovingdean, Rottingdean, Portslade-by-Sea and Saltdean,
  • as well as Brighton and Hove’s outer urban areas Westdene, Woodingdean, West Blatchington and Withdean.
  • In conclusion, Pure Beauty Clinic’s Waxing Treatments also cover the Brighton Municipality which includes Stanmer, Brighton Marina and Bear Road area.
  • Brighton is administer by the BN postcode area.
  • The Sussex University and University of Brighton are known through out the United Kingdom.
  • Preston Park, Brighton and Queen’s Park, Brighton are are popular with local residents and known through out England.
  • Integral major roads in Brighton are the A27 road and the A23 road.
  • Bordering to the West of town of Brighton and Hove is Sompting, Worthing, Southwick, Shoreham, Littlehampton and Lancing.
  • The town of Brighton is bordered by Lewes, Burgess Hill and Peacehaven to the East.



Small Area Medium Large
Upper Lip Face Half Leg
Knuckles Under Arms Whole Bikini
Chin Around Bikini Arms
N/A Tummy Back


Waxing using Harley Wax

Treatment Duration Price
N/A 15 mins £10
Upper lip 20 mins £15
Eye Brows 20 mins £15
Chin 35 mins £30
Upper lip and chin 30 mins £30
Chin and neck 30 mins £30
Half Face 40 mins £40
Full Face 30 mins £30
Underarm 30 mins £30
Full Arm 40 mins £40
Half Arm 20 mins £25
Chest 50 mins £45
Back 50 mins £45
Upper legs 20 mins £25
Lower legs 20 mins £25
Full Legs 40 mins £45
Standard Bikini 30 mins £30
Brazillian 30 mins £35
Hollywood 35 mins £40


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