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Inspiration for Dry January

19th January 2017

Giving up booze makes you beautiful

If you’re taking part in dry January but feeling like you could break at any moment…… don’t feel bad, we’ve been there! Giving up something you enjoy is hard and the motivation isn’t always clear. This article looks at some of the lesser known benefits of ditching the booze and gives some inspiration to help keep you on track towards your goal!
The health benefits of giving your body a break from alcohol after the festive period is obvious. Within 4-8 weeks your liver will have completely repaired itself, you’ll be sleeping better and have loads more energy. You’ll probably find you even drop a few lbs because you’ll be eliminating the sugar in alcoholic drinks from your diet too.
The lesser known benefits are that quitting drinking can actually make you more beautiful! Alcohol dehydrates the body and our skin so you end up with more fine lines and wrinkles. Replacing your glass of Pinot with a glass of water may not sound particularly tempting, but after just a week you’ll notice your skin is plumper and lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced. These results are addictive and you’ll likely think twice before hitting the bottle again.
As you enjoy your new youthful skin and bright sparkling eyes you’ll also reach into your pocket and find more money too! If you spend just £20 a week on two bottles of wine this adds up to over £1000 in a year! That’s not including nights out which can easily tally up to £100 a night!
People drink for all sorts of reasons, but largely it is used to unwind. With all that extra money in your pocket why not think about something else you would enjoy that helps you to relax. A couple of weekends away, a holiday or even a regular full body, hot stone or deep tissue massage.
You might even decide to invest that extra money in some treatments to make yourself look and feel even better! A luxury Germaine De Cappucini facial on your newly hydrated and clear skin will give you a gorgeous glow and it’s super relaxing, plus there’s 20% off until the end of January. Or an OPI manicure and pedicure so you feel tip top from head to toe.
When I worked out how much money I could save by not drinking I tried it for a month and felt incredible. I now enjoy a glass of wine here and there socially but love spending the money I save on things that feel like a real treat! A handbag, a massage a facial or a pedicure are my favourites.
Enjoy and Good Luck!

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