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Scar Removal Treatment Brighton and Hove

Scar Removals

We all have that one scar on our body that we’d like to remove. It may be from a childhood injury or even a severe acne condition.

This would have been impossible a few decades ago, but today, you can walk into a salon and remove such unwanted scars, including those caused by a surgical operation.

At Pure Beauty Clinic, it’s as easy as that. We provide non-invasive treatment procedures to restore that smoothness and glow to your skin. Our proprietary technology and techniques are designed to rejuvenate your skin, while providing comfort and convenience.

Do you have an acne scar you want to remove?

Call us now 01273 719009.

Restore your skin to youthful smoothness

Even the smallest scars can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. There’s only so much concealers and camouflage makeup can do.

The best solution is a permanent one. Opting for procedures like a Diamond Peel Demabrasion can provide treatment to reduce the impact of a scar.

At Pure Beauty Clinic, we offer a range of scar treatment solutions to minimise and lessen the appearance of scars. We have a team of highly-qualified and experienced therapists who will ensure you get safe treatment with lasting effects.

Which acne scar treatment is right for you?

The most suitable scar treatment for you will depend on the prominence of the scar, the desired outcome and your skin type. For this reason, an initial consultation is necessary before any procedure.

At Pure Beauty Clinic, our experts start by assessing your skin and asking questions relevant to the scar. We’ve found that providing a combination of multiple treatments often provides the best results. If your acne is still active, you’ll need to wait until it’s under control – or healed – before scar treatment can proceed.

Various types of acne treatment

When it comes to treating acne, there are different procedures. In the UK, they range from steroid injections to laser therapy, dermal fillers, cryotherapy and so on. At Pure Beauty Clinic, we prefer solutions that are non-invasive and provide the least down-time effects.

Advanced skin peels

The TCA peel is one of the more advanced, deeper treatments. It penetrates the dermis and targets dark marks, acne scars and discolouration. The average downtime is less than a week, during which the old skin peels to reveal a new, smoother surface.

Micro needling

Microneedling works by creating several minuscule points of contact on the skin so that the body’s natural healing can repair and restore it. It’s ideal for correcting uneven pigmentation and skin tone caused by acne scaring.


Microdermabrasion is the use of small crystals to physically remove the uppermost layer of the affected skin cells. This makes it especially suitable for acne scar treatment. Our professional dermatologist recommends this procedure to people with sensitive skin.

Pure Beauty Clinic’s Diamond Peel Dermabrasion is not only good for acne scars, but skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, engorged pores and stretch marks.

Laser resurfacing

In Laser resurfacing treatment, the surface cells are removed. They are also precision-targeted to prevent them from damaging other surrounding healthy skin cells.

At Pure Beauty Clinic, our treatment procedures vary from the CO2RE, which targets both superficial and deeper skin layers to the Dermapen® (an effective alternative to the traditional Dermarollar).

Heal your skin naturally and permanently with the innovative Dermapen®

The Dermapen is the latest in skin rejuvenation technology. The pen is easy to use and works by gliding over the skin and lightly stamping microscopic channels into the skin’s matrix.

The action simulates a wound-healing response, with quick repair and renewal results. Natural growth factors are then released to stimulate restoration and build-up of new, restricting collagen cells.

Benefits of the Dermapen in scar tissue restoration

  • It provides fractional skin rejuvenation
  • It reduces patient downtime
  • It enhances patient comfort
  • Low risk of epidermal damage
  • Non-invasive and requires less aftercare and treatment fees

Please note that we aim to provide the best possible treatment for our customers. Pure Beauty Clinic is one of the leading skin care and beauty treatment salons in Brighton and Hove.

As part of our commitment to your health and well-being, all correctional procedures begin with a mandatory consultation. During this period, our dermatologists will ask specific questions about your health and any conditions that may affect treatment. In some cases, we might refuse treatment if certain criteria are not met.

Frequently asked questions about scar treatment

Because of the nature of some treatments, it’s normal for customers to ask a lot of questions. The following are common questions asked by prospective clients:

How will I feel during the scar treatment?

Depending on the choice of treatment, there may be minor discomfort, but our specialists often apply an anaesthetic cream to reduce the effect. However, some laser procedures are quite painless.

Is acne scarring treatment for me?

The kind of scar treatment we provide is suitable for virtually anybody with an acne scar. If for some reason, there are issues with the suitability, a practitioner will discuss recommendations during consultation.

Is scar treatment a safe procedure?

All the treatments we provide at our salon are extremely safe, and we work with some of the UK’s leading dermatologists to ensure that all required clinical standards are met. During consultation, you will be informed of any possible side-effects of the treatment.

Why Choose Pure Beauty Clinic?

When it comes to beauty therapy in Brighton and Hove, our salon is renowned for its excellent standards. As an accredited service, we place priority on safety and customer care. Our friendly staff are always happy to ensure your needs are met.

We also boast of having the most competitive rates in the market. Because of our leading-edge technology and techniques, we can afford to offer reasonable rates to our customers. Our techniques have been tested and proven. Rest assured, you’ll be delighted with the results.

Do you have an acne scar you want to remove?

Schedule a consultation today 01273 719009.

Treating Acne Scarring

Treated With Dermapen & Microdermabrasion




Heal Your Skin Naturally & Permanently


Simple to use the pen is glided over the skin and microscopic channels are lightly stamped into the skins matrix stimulating a wound healing response with intense renewal repair and rejuvenation. Natural growth factors are released to stimulate reformation and deposition of fresh, restricting collagen.




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